Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Molly Talking


Pictures tonight were successful! Sophie decided right away that she would cooperate and we got a few good "cheeses" from her and then she was done. Molly was as smiley as ever and the photographer took some adorable pictures. Of course you then stand there and feel guilty for not purchasing every stinkin' picture. They will be posted online and as soon as they are up I'll post a link to them.

Now for an update on the girls. We have finally gotten over all our colds (at least for the time being) so everyone is pretty happy at our house. Molly will be fourth months in a few days and she is growing, growing, growing. It is so much fun to watch her discover new things she can do. She has a few baby toys that she loves to play with and she figured out that she can squeal, which is quite fun to watch and listen to. Sophie's language is continuing to develop. She is copying every word we say. Colors are her favorite thing to talk about. Everything used to be yellow, but now she has discovered purple, blue and green too. She is also starting to learn about names. Since Molly was born Sophie has called her either girl or sister (sometimes sissy) but has recently been calling her "Ma" which I guess works. I asked her this morning if she was excited to go to church and play with her friends (we had MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers, this morning) and right away she said "LaLa" which means her friend Ella. I then asked her who else she plays with and she told me "Tyer" which means her friend Tyler. I was so excited to hear her associate her friends with their names and that she understands who her friends are. She talked about "Tyer" all the way to church and I was told later that she spent the morning dragging a few boys (including Tyler) around by the hand. One of the nursery helpers snapped a picture of Sophie with a boy on each hand. Oh Sophie, just wait until your Daddy hears about this one. ;)

Well, that is us in a nutshell right now! I'm editing a video of Molly squealing right now and will be posting that soon. Have a great night!


Here We Go

Okay, so I finally decided to join the blogging world. I had been debating about it for awhile and after getting the approval from the hubbie (Emily: "Hey, I'm thinking about starting a blog." Ryan: "Okay, whatever you want.") here we are with the first installment on The Miersma Family blog. I know, it's thrilling! ;) Anyway, I hope that this will be a fun way to keep all our family and friends updated on what is going on in the Miersma household. I'm just getting this thing started so hopefully I'll be able to get back on tonight and give a good update on the girls. Pray for us, we have pictures tonight - always an adventure! Love you all!