Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nothin' New

Okay y'all (sorry I couldn't resist), so at this point no news is good news, but at the same time no news is frustrating. Did any of that just make sense? It did? Okay, good then. We have yet to receive an official date as to when we will be making the big move down to Houston. We're still waiting to hear on when Ryan will be pulled from his current project to work mainly in Houston. The account team for this project wants to keep him there but his boss in Houston would like him to start working in Houston. I like to think that his VMWare peeps are fighting over him, which they kind of are. Heehee!

Not much to say today but I hadn't posted in a month, shocking, I know. So I thought I'd give you a little update. We had a killer garage sale on Saturday and got rid of a bunch of stuff. It felt good to purge a few items. I did spend part of the day today finding things that I had forgotten to put in the sale or wish I had (think millions of puzzle pieces I cleaned up today).

I'll leave you with a few pics just for fun! The girls are growing like crazy!! Sophie surprises us every day with her imagination. She is so smart and keeps us on our toes. Molly is Miss Attitude with a capital A! She knows what she wants and will make sure she gets it. They are just a blast and I enjoy every moment I have with them! :)

Checkin' out Grandma's baby chicks that hatched in her preschool room

Molly posing with the baby chick

 Molly kept blowing on them, it was the funniest thing!