Wednesday, August 19, 2009

House Happenings

They started framing our house today!
We drove by this evening to check out the progress.

Right side of the house - the window on the very bottom is the basment

Front view

Left side


We had a meeting with our builder on Tuesday and they are expected to be done by mid to late October!

Molly's 9 Month Pictures

On Monday my sister Sarah was down from Grand Rapids and took Molly's 9 month pictures for me. She did a FANTASTIC job! I'm currently potty training Sophie and while we were trying to take the pictures she decided it would be fun to run around naked. Plus we had our 80lb black lab, Ginger and Sarah's mini-dachshund Rilo chasing each other around our house. Sarah did a great job and got some wonderful shots amid the chaos.
Thank you Aunt Sarah for your beautiful work!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Nice Surprise

Last Wednesday Ryan just happened to drive by our lot and found this

We couldn't believe it! They had broken ground already!! He called me immediately and I ran over with my camera to get a few photos. When I drove by Thursday night they had the molds up and they were pouring concrete for our walls. By Friday we had a basement!

We stopped by after church this morning and took a few pictures of our basement!

This is looking at the front of our house. The garage is on the left.

This is looking from the back corner of the house. We have a daylight basement.

Here's Ryan standing in the garage. Where he is standing will eventually be filled in with dirt.