Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh Sunshine

One of the perks of us moving is that we now live on a street that is not busy (think city bus route) and we have a wonderful yard to play in.

Problem lies in that we have one bucket of chalk to play with.

Fun, but it gets old quick...

Unless you're the cutest thing on the planet

Oh, that sweet face!

So I piled the girls in the car and off we went to "the star store" aka Wal-Mart. (Sophie has specific names for each store depending on either what the logo looks like or what she gets at the store. For example, Target is the popcorn store. Yes, I've been known to bribe my children, don't judge)

We stocked up on some bubbles, jump ropes (Sophie picked them out, apparently they're fun to pretend with and hey for $1, can't go wrong) balls and these cute little golf caddies, complete with everything they need to start working on their game.

Priorities people, priorities

Definitely worth the investment. They were entertained for quite awhile, which gave me the opportunity to clean up the dog poops.

It's a glamorous life I lead...