Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fouth of July Festivities

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend, filled with fun! The four of us were completely exhausted by Monday! :)

I was a little worried as to how the weekend would go. Sophie had a 102-103 fever on Thursday, but she was over it by Thursday night. Never fun to have a normally bouncing, happy, rambunctious little one be so wiped out she can barely move. Poor thing! She came back strong though and we started the weekend off with a trip to the zoo with my sisters Sarah and Katelyn on Friday.

The girls LOVE the zoo! I taught Sophie the song that goes "we're goin' to the zoo-zoo-zoo, how about you-you-you" so now we sing that every time we go!

Ice cream at the zoo is a must

Pretty sure this was Molly's first ice cream cone, she love it!

Saturday we got up bright and early (6am for this momma), packed the kiddos in the car and drove north. We met up with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins at the parade in Cascade. It was so much fun to take the girls. We went to this parade when I was little. Of course the best part was collecting candy!

The girls decorated brown paper bags Friday night to use for their candy stash. Sophie was a bit overwhelmed by the loud trucks and sirens so she spent half the parade under a shady tree (it was HOT) with Ryan. Molly figured out the candy thing pretty quickly. She would run with her bag and grab what she could and throw it in her bag. She also collected every paper handout and placed them in her bag. She wanted to read up on the election candidates. :)

After the parade we drove to the cottage. Sophie was extremely excited to go to the "cottage at the lake" and continued to ask Ryan about every 5 minutes where we were going. She wanted to make sure he didn't deviate from the plan. :) The rest of our weekend was filled with water, sand, food and fun!

Hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend too! And by the way, I have a new tutorial I've been working on, I'll give you a hint

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