Thursday, April 23, 2009

So I love being able to post videos on our blog - and it's super easy which is always a bonus. This one is from this morning. Sophie loves to play on mommy and daddy's bed. She bounces around, carefully (after my sister slamming her mouth into my parents headboard when she was 2 it freaks me out!) And she loves to pretend she's going to bed under the covers. She's quite the character. Molly, as always, laughs at Sophie's antics. So much fun having my sweet girls! :)

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  1. Even though I don't really remember my whole teeth/headboard incident that well I'm always get freaked out by kids jumping on beds. I was babysitting a few weeks ago and the twin 5-year-olds were sleeping in their parents' bed. I kept telling them not to jump around so I flipped when one came downstairs and said "Bella lost her tooth!" But she hadn't hit anything, the tooth had just fallen out. Thankfully they actually went to sleep after that because they knew the toothfairy would be coming. Haha.

    This video is too cute. Reminds me of the videos mum would take of me when she was bored. I miss those girls so much!