Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Dress

Can I just say how much I LOVE Holy Week? Everything about it from the kids waving palm branches on Palm Sunday to the final rejoicing of our risen Savior on that blessed Easter morning is magical to me. My parents placed a deep love for Jesus and the church in me when I was very young. We were always at church and always serving and continuously communing with other believers. I have wonderful memories of events and specific services at church from my childhood. Probably the one that sticks out the most is Easter Sunday. Every year I would receive a new dress for Easter. My mom would either make one for my sisters and me (I know, she's wonder woman) or we would have one of the store bought variety. I remember one year specifically (I think I was 5 or 6) I even had the white hat and a purse to go with. I enjoyed the whole process of picking out a new dress or going with my mom to the fabric store and selecting the right pattern, fabric, lace and buttons and when I put the perfect dress on Easter morning I felt so pretty and so special. This year I took the time of choosing just the right dresses for my girls. I wanted them to feel pretty and special just like I did for so many years. It's silly, right? To spend so much time on something so insignificant like dresses. But as an adult I think of how my mom took the time so make me feel as special as I did. And I want to do the same for my girls.

As I reflect on the Cross and everything that Jesus sacrificed on our behalf I think back on all the Easter dresses I have worn and all the dresses my girls will wear. Everyone of them will be special and make us feel beautiful, but none of them can compare to the garment of grace and redemption that our Savior has clothed us in. By the shedding of His blood we are forgiven!! Praise You Jesus!

So today I put on my girls dresses and praised God for giving us the ultimate Easter dress, His love! Happy Easter from The Miersmas!


  1. Em, I love this post! What an encouragement and a beautiful picture of the garment of God's love! Thanks for sharing.