Monday, March 30, 2009


I recently realized that I hadn't taken any pictures of Molly in quite awhile. Poor baby already has second child syndrome. Sophie's latest thing it to say "hold her" in request to hold Molly. It's really cute to hear her say it and right after she asks she'll run and jump on the couch with her arms out all ready to receive her baby sister. I figured this would be a perfect photo opportunity (and of course a chance to redeem myself) so here are just a couple from our photo session this afternoon.

Molly can now somewhat hold her own with Sophie. She has figured out that her only line of defense is to grab Sophie's hair and it works pretty well.

She is such a happy baby (and yes, she is like this all the time)!

Showing off her sweet Sunday dress with Grandma (my mom).


  1. Too Cute!! Love them! Cole says, "And now baby Molly is a big Molly?" I guess she's grown since we last saw you! :)

  2. Hahaha, yes she is a big Molly! :) According to your mom, Molly weighed only two pounds less than the twins currently do at her fourth month appointment.