Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picture Time

We are currently going through Extreme Makeover: Miersma Edition at our house. Well, let me repeat that, I'm going though Extreme Makeover: Miersma Edition at our house. Molly and Sophie are just along for the ride. (Did I mentioned I dragged them through Hobby Lobby tonight?) And Ryan doesn't care what I change as long as I don't involve him. He hates painting and I wouldn't blame him. Since we bought our house in August 2005 I have touched every room with a paintbrush. I know, I think I have a problem. I have removed wallpaper, painted, repainted after my husband lovingly painted our bathroom while I was pregnant with Sophie (there was paint on the ceiling, even though I taped for him and there were drips everywhere. He took my Grandpa Ted's advice "If you don't want to do something again, do it wrong the first time" a little too seriously, thanks Grandpa!) Anyway, I think my issue is that I get bored with something easily so I feel the need to change it up a bit. I like change and usually thrive on it. I guess I should say that never know what God has in store! :) I'm repainting Sophie and Molly's rooms. I will post pictures of the rooms as soon as I finish. I just painted Molly's room tonight so Sophie is next. In the meantime here is a link to some pictures we had taken of the girls last week for your viewing pleasure:

When it asks for the customer name type EMILY MIERSMA

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  1. Em, I love your pictures! The one of Molly with her tongue out is one of my favorites! How are you ever going to choose?