Sunday, March 15, 2009

Enjoying the Weather

We have been enjoying this glorious weather! Sophie asks to go outside constantly so it was fun to get out and play this past weekend.

Sophie and Ryan using the bubble mower

Molly loved sitting in her stroller outside

Every girl needs a four-wheeler, especially if it's hot pink
(thanks to my Aunt Susan and Uncle David for that fun toy)

"Ta-da!" - She learned this one in dance class and it's the only way
I can get her to stand still and look at the camera for a picture :)

This past week Molly started rice cereal which has been a fun adventure. She's not a huge fan of it (see picture below) but I mixed in some baby food bananas tonight and she seemed to like the flavorful combination.

This was taken right after her first couple bites.
I love how most of it is falling out of her mouth.

And last but not least a fun picture of Sophie and Ryan - partners in crime!

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