Monday, June 15, 2009

Sophie's Dance Debut

Sophie performed in her first dance recital this past Saturday. She did so well and I was so proud of her! Sophie's class had five kids ages 2-3 and they were the youngest to perform. Her friends Wyatt and Ella (my good friend Katie's kids, she owns the dance studio) were in her class and poor Wyatt just wasn't interested in peforming. Sophie is on the left followed by Lola, Ella and Emma. Hope you enjoy the video - and if you shed a tear, I will totally understand! I got all choked up at her recital, my baby is growing up!



  1. Oh my goodness, the sweetest ballerina I've ever seen! Thanks for posting the video - I love it and can guarantee I'll watch it again! :) Can't wait till the end of the month when we get to see you in person!

  2. Too precious! I confess, got a little teary myself! Good job, Sophie!

    Love, Aunt Jean

  3. i have a video from the 3 o'clock recital that i took on my camera. i didn't get the begining but i got most of it. i'll have to email it to you.

  4. So cute! Sophie did a wonderful job! You should be proud. I can't wait to sign Sydney up for dance classes. Thanks for sharing!