Saturday, July 25, 2009

Warning: Picture Overload

Hello! Wow it's been awhile but we have had many adventures over the past month. We had a two week stretch that included four vacations. Somehow they all got lumped together this summer. Our first trip took Sophie, Molly and me down to Indiana to visit my cousin Megan and her family. Megan and her husband Jake have Cole (3), twins Maurah and Hayden (1) and Megan is pregnant with another girl due early November. Cole and Sophie played so well together and Molly was enthralled with Maurah and Hayden.

Cole and Sophie - partners in crime

Molly tested out the babyswing - loved it!

Sophie and Hayden - Hayden was my little buddy while we
were there and she is always up for smiling at the camera

We arrived home from Indiana, packed up our tent and sleeping bags and headed up to Cran-Hill Ranch for the big Brouwer Family camping event. Ryan's mom's side of the family (there are over 60 of us, Molly is the 16th great-grandchild, it's really awesome) has camped over the fourth of July at Cran-Hill for a long time and it is always a blast to get everyone together. Especially with all the little ones running around. Sophie and Molly didn't do so hot in the tent at night, and despite it being very cold for July, we had so much fun anyway.

Sophie and Grandpa Bill

I have a video from last year of Sophie crying while Ryan attempted to
get her to ride a horse. Well, this year our little cowgirl LOVED
the horses (she did not get that from her mommy).
She looked so sweet up there on that big horse and
did not want to get off when her turn ended.

Sophie and my niece Madelyn. Those two are inseperable!

Yummy pancake breakfast (she'll eat anything with jelly on it,
especially the good stuff, strawberry freezer jam)

My sweet Molly Jean

Friday night we packed up the tent and drove to my grandparents cottage to spend time with my dad's side of the family on the 4th of July. I only took a few pictures (I'm sure my mom has plenty on her camera). It was a bit chilly but warmed up nicely in the afternoon.

Sophie and Papa fishing or playing the "Sophie drops things
in the water and Papa gets them" game

After we got back from the cottage, I unpacked, washed and then packed up again to head out to the Wisconsin Dells with my parents and sister Katelyn. Again, we left Ryan home, but I guess someone has to work. :) We had a wonderful time and I hate to say it but I did not take a single picture while we were there. I left that up to my mom and Katelyn. The Dells are total tourist trap but they have some great water and amusement parks. We really enjoyed it!
Last but not least we arrived home from the Dells, packed up the camper, picked up Ryan and drove up to Holland State Park to spend some time with the Miersma family. We only see them twice a year and it is always fun to catch up with everyone. Again, tons of little ones running around so we're always busy but it's a blast!

Molly and Mommy on the beach

Sophie and Molly in the pop-up camper

Whew! So after camping in Holland we drove home and this picture of Molly about sums it up!

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