Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Ec

I signed up to participate in an online sewing class called Home Ec. I'm super excited as I seem to make stuff up while I sew and I'm hoping this class helps me to really learn the basics. My friend Bobbi Jo and I are doing it together and we've had so much fun already. We decided to be brave and take her two kiddos and my two kiddos to the fabric store together, that is 4 kiddies 4 and under and somehow we survived (thank you smarties and dum-dum suckers). We stocked up on a few items and started in on the class. They have great videos for beginners and each project is designed to help you learn a specific skill and grow on the ones you've already learned. I believe there are 26 projects total (wow!). The class itself is 5 weeks, but they've designed the projects to take it at your own pace. Thank goodness, because there is no way I could finish 26 projects in 5 weeks! Registration closed August 15th, but LA from Freckled Nest just announced that they reopened registration for two more days. If you're interested in learning how to sew I would definitely look into this class!! Let me know if you participate!

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