Friday, August 27, 2010

For Grandma

This is my Grandma aka "gweat- gwamma jan"

My Grandma Jan (Hi Grandma) is the Queen of all things yarn and knitting needles. I remember going over to her house when I was little and looking at all her skeins of yarn, she always had beautiful colors. She taught me to knit years ago, but unfortunately it never really stuck. Someday we'll have to do another lesson! :)

She made each of my girls a beautiful blanket when they were babies. Gorgeous blankies!! Molly is particularly fond of hers and sleeps with it all the time.

This morning she was in a mood and when Molly's in a mood, you had better watch out. Apparently the only thing that she felt like doing was sitting.

Just sitting with her binky and favorite blankie. Normally there's a bear in the equation but this morning he didn't make the cut.

Notice the little tear by her eye, she's wasn't too happy with me.

So I just let her sit.

Sit until she decided she liked me again and wanted to eat breakfast.

"juice pease!"

Oh my Molly girl, mommy's not ready for you to grow up!

And Grandma,
Molly says "thank cou!"


  1. I completely agree...She is the sweetest little angel and needs to stay small!

  2. That is so sweet! Where have you been I miss seeing them! I know Sophie has graduated but I can still get her to say "Bible" for me and also get a very nice hug! lol