Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Down on the Farm

I'm not really a farm person per say. I mean, I love the idea but I don't think I could handle the smell, poo, dirt, poo, mud, more poo, the work it involves. In other words, Ryan's not quiting his job to become a farmer anytime soon. However, I will take any opportunity to expose my children to something new so we stopped at the local 4H fair on our way to the cottage a few weekends ago.

The girls loved it...wait...the girls LOOOOVED it! Rows and rows of every farm animal you could imagine. Molly would talk to the animals in this high pitched voice (she does this at the zoo too) 

piggy bob-bum (Sophie speak)

feeding a calf (although this one looked like a teenage calf)

after spending some time with the animals we ventured on over to the rides/attraction part of the fair where we found the always fun "ride the pony around in a circle" ride.

Sophie was a pro

and if you're wondering where Molly is, she was attached to my leg whining "i do, i do"

so we paid the man and munchkin got her turn

she squealed and giggled the whole time
"mommy, i horsey" every time she came by

miss fancy pants riding all by herself

Now for those of you who know me well, horses and I don't have the best history. I've never been thrown off or anything, we just don't get along. I think they are beautiful creatures, from a distance. I have already informed my sister-in-law, Danielle, who was very much into riding and owned a few horses back in the day, that if my girls take any interest in horses, she has to deal with it.

Okay, sidetracked, back to the fair...

Next on Sophie's agenda was to go on every ride she possibly could
*cue Mommy and Daddy buying lots of ride tickets

So we started off small

little trucks going around on a track, nice easy ride
check out Sophie's hair in this picture, it was so humid out

this was about the second lap around and she was already showing us the next ride she wanted to go on

this one

note the thin lap strap keeping my babies in, I'm always up for some adventure and encourage my kids to try new things but I was just waiting for Molly to decide she was done and climb out

going up

and up, and Molly proved me wrong, they both loved it and pretended to drive their spaceship the entire ride

then Sophie spied her next ride to conquer

the alligator roller coaster

I watched her get measured by Ryan to make sure she was tall enough, she just made it. As she climbed in I realized how much she has grown over the past year. Last summer at a place like this she would have had her hands over her ears, face buried in my neck the entire time. Now she's willingly trying new things like roller coasters.

and she's off

she didn't cry, but you could tell she wasn't exactly enjoying it

After two times around the gentleman working the ride stopped it and she immediately said, "thank you for the ride" and hopped off.

I was so proud of her!

We hit a few more rides and took some more pictures

Sophie's photography with a little assistance from Daddy

please ignore giant teeth
I can thank my dad for those :)

more Sophie photography

The next day was spent at the cottage partaking in our favorite activity: swimming

Apparently baby wanted to swim too

and it's important to carry a juice cup with you at all times

A fun time was had by all!

Sad to see the summer go, but also excited for what the fall as in store!


  1. Love it! The girls are getting so big! I'm so impressed with them riding those big rides....Cole would NEVER! :) Soph can always have bragging rights over him. LOL

  2. OMG! So very cute!! And they are growing up SO fast! Yes, summer has flown. But good times and good memories keep us looking forward to all the fun still ahead. Sure do love those girls!

  3. I love this post! The girls are so cute. What a fun weekend together. Glad you guys enjoyed it!