Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Girl Molly

We're potty training Molly this week. Sophie potty trained a month ago using the method. It worked perfect for Soph and she got it right away. Molly of course wants to be just like big sister so we decided to try it out. Believe me I would be ok with being a diaper free household. So first step was putting Little Miss in her big girl bed last night. She needs to be able to come get us when she has to go. Here is a cute video of her last night trying out her bed! Don't worry, I put a railing up before she went to bed. Safety first!!


  1. Man, what a work out! In and out, In and out, In and out. Ellie was watching that VERY carefully. I said, "ellie, do you want a big girl bed?" and in a deep, I mean business tone, she said "NOO!!!!!" haha!

  2. So you potty trained in 3 days? I'm jealous! What is the main idea of that method? Is it worth the money? I would love to have Sadie potty trained!

  3. we started potty training my little girl shortly after her second birthday and she finally "just got it" one day....fifteen months later:))) so i totally applaud your three day approach!!