Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Catching Up

Well, I know it's been awhile since I've posted. Much has happened including moving, Molly's first birthday party (the same weekend), and the holiday season from November to January. It might take me a few posts to crank out picture highlights from these events. This post, however, is dedicated to our new house.

We had our walk through on Friday, October 9th where went over everything about our house and wrote up a list of changes we wanted made. A little over a week later on Monday, October 19th, Ryan walked through the house again and signed off on the house saying that everything was how we wanted it and the house is complete. Then we waited...and waited....and waited some more. There was something with the bank and processing our mortgage and the government (don't get me started) and it all added up to us not getting into our house. It was so hard knowing that our beautiful house was sitting there completely finished and we couldn't move in. We got to the end of October, celebrated Molly's first birthday on the 29th, Halloween and Fall Fest on the 31st. My parents graciously offered to host Molly's first birthday party at their house on November 7th since it didn't look like we would be in our house yet. Then it happened. I was driving from Sophie's dance class down to the chiropractor on the 6th (a typical Friday for me and the girls) when Ryan called saying to get someone to watch the girls, we're closing on our at 4pm. Oh, I was so excited I started crying. I met my friend Katie in the parking lot of our chiropractor (who also happens to be her husband) and we were hugging and crying and oh so excited!!

My parents and sister Katelyn helped with the girls that night while the entire Miersma/Decker clan (including my sister in law's parents) packed our entire house (I had about 10 boxes packed in the basement). A few loads later everything was in our new house. Ryan and I slept on our mattress on the floor of our new bedroom that night. The next day dawned bright and early and absolutely gorgeous. We woke to a brilliant sunrise that only God could create! It was beautiful. Ryan met the movers at our old house to bring over the couches, piano and other large objects while Sophie and I ventured out to pick up stuff for Molly's party. The day was perfect, Molly's party was so much fun and the weather was awesome, we even played outside for awhile.

We absolutely love our new house. It has been such fun to have friends and family over. We are blessed to have the space to do that now and we're taking full advantage of it. God has given us a great gift and we are so thankful to Him.

Pictures will be posted soon of the new house :)
Until then, I leave you with this

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  1. What a cute accessory for your new home! You must be happy to finally be settling in!