Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finger Painting Fun

Tonight we broke out the art supplies for Molly's first finger painting experience

Ready to go in our "Daddy shirts"

"Hmmm...what is this stuff..."

"Maybe a paint brush might help"

Master painter Sophie

"This works much better!"

"Oooh, this is sticky..."

"I like it!"


  1. I was inspired by your post and tried to let Ellie finger paint. I figured it might be ok because her and Molly are close in age. WRONG! Multiple times she stuck her paint-covered hand in her mouth and this YUCK look on her face. I dont think we'll be doing that activity again for a while. =)

  2. LOVE your new background! :) Your girls are sooo adorable!

  3. Nicole, I had to remove Molly's fingers from her mouth a couple times (that's why we buy washable non-toxic paint). She seemed to like the paintbrush method better.