Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project Life

This ones for all you avid (or non-avid) scrapbookers out there. I was introduced to Project Life in late December through Jessica at The Mom Creative and I debated about purchasing a kit. I just started Molly's first year scrapbook and our family album stops in September of 2008. In other words I feel so behind!! (You know these are the things that we moms worry about at night!) So anywho after much consideration I decided that I'm going to forge ahead, ask for a kit for my birthday (which is in one week) and concentrate on keeping up in 2010. The idea behind Project Life is so simple. You take a picture a day and then you put together a two page spread focusing on each week. Or you could do a month spread or a vacation spread. However you want it to look. Jessica is even doing a blog post every Tuesday entitled Project Life Tuesday where she displays the pictures she's using in her Project Life album for the previous week. The awesome thing about Project Life is that everything is prepared for you (journaling cards, paper and more). You just add your pictures and put it together. No trips to Hobby Lobby buying paper, embellishments, stickers, etc, although I've fallen in love with rub-ons. (I think I have a small fortune of scrapbook accessories in my craft room). Or, and I've so done this, going to a scrapbook event and taking your 5 piece luggage set to transport all your stuff. Project Life comes organized in one box!

So all you scrapbookers out there, would you like to join me in this process? For more information about Project Life check out its creator Becky Higgins. She answers all your questions on her website. She also has a digital version available. Happy Scrapbooking!!

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