Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Love Fridays

Today I'm reminiscing (thanks Liz) about my favorite day of the week.


Not sure when Friday turned into my favorite day. Something to do with Sophie starting preschool and Friday is our first day of the week where we're not racing to get out of the house early.

At least until I realize we're late for dance class.

It happens.

On Fridays I have time to make coffee, pour it into my favorite mug (given to me by my sister Katelyn)

Ginger likes this mug too, reminds her of her younger years

Then, it's cuddle time on the couch while we watch Sid the Science Kid and Sophie's favorite, SuperWhy! (Monday through Thursday we've already left the house before these are on) and eat animal crackers for breakfast.

Then I remember dance class.

Sophie and Ella, the dynamic duo...don't try to separate these two at dance class

Ah, I love these girls...and I love Fridays!

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  1. Such a cute post - it was like reading a story :) I can't wait to have kids!!