Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Many of you who have graciously followed me for a while now (thank you) may remember my Easter post from last year about selecting the perfect dress for my girls. I talked about how my mom aka wonder woman would make my sisters and I beautiful dresses for Easter. Well, this year I decided I wanted even more to be like my fantastic mother and, wait for it, yes, I actually made Sophie and Molly's Easter dresses myself...

Okay, now that we're over the shock, let's view a few pictures, shall we? I had hoped to document more of the process of making the dresses but I plain just forgot to take pictures. I hope you enjoy some pics of the finished products on Easter Sunday!


Girl has a mean "cheeeeeeeese" face and willingly shows it off every time she sees a camera.

These two are inseparable!

Sophie and Grandma

Sophie and Aunt Sarah,
not sure what's going on with the tongue here

After having just spent an hour in the nursery, 
baby girl just wanted her daddy

Happy Easter from Ryan, Emily, Sophie and Molly


  1. Adorable!!! Glad I got to see them in real life!

  2. very cute! I'm so impressed that you can make dresses :)

  3. I've been perusing your blog for awhile now and I'm so tickled to see that almost every picture of your youngest daughter features a HUGE smile! Almost like she's always laughing. It's contagious and my husband is curious about what I'm looking at that's making me grin while computing.